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Employee Assistance Programme

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a confidential helpline, which employees can use for counselling, information and support on issues affecting their mental health.

Support mental health with a valued employee benefit

Many issues can cause employees to become emotionally distressed or distracted by life challenges, limiting their ability to perform. Which is why our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) helpline, PAM Assist, is resourced by professionally qualified counsellors.

Our counsellors act as the first point of contact, providing a counselling service on a wide range of topics. Such as relationship breakdown, health concerns, debt worries, eldercare or childcare anxieties, domestic abuse, legal issues and stressful work environments.

We're here for your organisation and it's employees


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24/7 Helpline

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We provide a wide range of resources to accompany the 24-7 counselling helpline, so individual calls can be directed to additional resources. These are accessed via the website, or app, and include downloadable leaflets, stress management tools, news articles and monthly features.

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We also encourage managers to use the EAP for tips on managing their team’s emotions.

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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) FAQ'S

Frequently asked questions

You will have a dedicated account manager who provides reports on take-up and usage and trend data on what issues your workforce as a whole needs support with.

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We support our clients as they promote the EAP to their employees.

We provide promotional launch materials and explainer videos for you to send out to your employees to advertise the service via your internal communications channels.