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Mental Health Training & Webinars

By offering mental health in the workplace training, you can empower your workforce to reduce lost working days.

Boost mental wellbeing with expert training

No one wants to experience poor mental health, yet employees and managers continually act in ways that undermine mental wellbeing. Our corporate mental health training includes webinars and workshops to help employees and managers develop mental health awareness. We also offer mental health first aid training to help connect people in emotional distress with existing support services.

Our Mental health training for businesses

All our mental health training, webinars and workshops are provided by experienced clinicians. Our trainers have first-hand experience of boosting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Our flexible approach means we can deliver on-site workshops or online corporate mental health training and webinars, via Teams or Zoom. We can also tailor training to your particular organisation

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Webinars & Workshops

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Mental Health First Aid

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Mental Health in the Workplace Training FAQs

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By educating and motivating employees to proactively look after their mental health, you can reduce stress, absence and presenteeism. Mental health issues are now a major cause of workplace absence and lost productivity, because people don’t know how to help themselves.

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