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Trauma Support Services

Provide expert care to your employees to protect their ability to function.

Reduce and prevent psychological damage

Traumatic events and critical incidents have the power to psychologically harm employees. As does working in a high-risk role where employees can be vicariously exposed to trauma. Our wide range of trauma support services enable you to provide expert care to employees to protect their ability to function. Our in-house team of clinical care professionals are experts in the provision of critical incident response. Available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They provide rehabilitation services to employers across the UK.

Our Trauma Support Solutions

Pre-Incident Planning blue circular icon, showing checklist document  with ticks

Pre-Incident Planning

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Critical Incident Support blue circular icon, showing siren with support plan documents beneath

Critical Incident Support

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Post-Incident Support

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Trauma Support FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Critical incidents are typically events that have the power to throw an organisation into crisis, such as a terrorist attacks, on-site fatalities, armed robbery or employee suicide. However, they can also include any event with the potential to cause distress to employees, such as the current pandemic has exerted on healthcare workers.

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