Therapy can provide a quiet and private place for you to discuss the difficulties and dilemmas you and a partner may have. People have often said that it feels safe to say things in the session, that they haven't been able to say elsewhere. Similarly, it can be possible in therapy sessions to feel properly heard by your partner, and to listen properly yourself.

Some couples attend therapy at a time of extreme distress, complexity and conflicting emotions. Others want to use sessions to address and manage issues which are currently less acute but significant in the context of their relationship and lifestyle. PAM Wellbeing therapists provide the environment and structure for couples to effectively communicate and consider each other’s views.

PAM Wellbeing Couples Therapy can help when:

  • The relationship is going through a bad patch

  • One or both of you wants to separate

  • There's been violence

  • One of you left

  • You're adjusting to a new relationship

  • There are step-parenting difficulties

  • You can't resolve arguments

  • The relationship isn't as good as it used to be

  • You can't agree on how to bring up the children

Couples Therapy