Critical Incident

PAM Wellbeing’s Specialist Psychological Services Team are experts in the provision of trauma response and rehabilitation services to organisations throughout the UK.

The PAM Wellbeing Trauma Management Programme (TMP) has been developed to provide Trauma Management, Counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Eye Movement Desenstization Programming (EMDR).

Our services support our clients and their employees to minimise the impact of injury, and reduce or avoid the length of absence that an employee may suffer. 

Incidents supported by the Trauma Management Programme (TMP) are by their nature unpredictable. PAM Wellbeing is able to provide the following features:


  • Immediate response, guidance and case management of incident referrals

  • Immediate access to telephone support for colleagues and managers via 24/7 helpline

  • Onsite visits

  • Psychological assessments and therapeutic treatments for individuals

  • Dedicated management support where required

  • Training for managers to ensure they act appropriately at the time of an incident

  • Support and guidance in disaster planning, including training on Resilience, Managing Change and Psychological First Aid workshops for all staff


Response is via the 24/7 EAP helpline where initial telephone based psychological first aid may be provided if appropriate. A trained and qualified trauma specialist will assess the incident and agree the most appropriate solution with the referring manager, which may include onsite response.  PAM Wellbeing has sufficient resources to respond to any incident, anywhere in the UK. The TMP team are professionally qualified counsellors and psychologists who have extensive experience in Trauma Management.


PAM’s TMP response is very flexible to ensure we meet the differing needs of each incident, from ad hoc telephone based support, to one-off on-site counselling for individuals and groups, all the way through to formal training for management or TRIM (Trauma Risk Incident Management) teams on Resilience, Managing Change and Psychological First Aid.

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