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PAM Wellness will empower you to take proactive control of your health and wellbeing.

Choose from a range of services to suit your needs and health goals.

Visit one of our dedicated clinics to spend time with health experts who will provide you with insight to your current health status and devise a personalised health action plan with you.

Benefit from ongoing support throughout the year to keep you on track and answer any questions.

Learn more, ask questions and access support to:


  • Reduce risk of preventable diseases (heart disease, stroke, diabetes)

  • Identify and take control of any potential future health risks

  • Have more energy, feel your best and be able to

  •  do the things you want

  • Improve your quality of life through better management of any existing health condition or concern

  • Reduce stress and build resilience

  • Manage your weight

  • Improve sleep health

  • Build a lifestyle plan suited to your health goals

  • Benefit from Health Manager, PAM Wellness online health and wellbeing portal


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Health & Wellbeing Services

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