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Compass Magazine | Winter 2020

Our Health and Wellbeing Guide

December 2020 | Guide

We are pleased to share with you our latest issue of Compass Magazine: Winter 2020. Our free Health & Wellbeing Guide focuses on 'Change and the New Year'

Employers will need to support
traumatised employees

November 2020 | Blog

Find out how to recognise the symptoms of trauma, train managers how to spot people in distress and make people feel safe talking about how they’re feeling, so they can be directed towards appropriate support.

The impact of the pandemic on the health of
the workforce cannot be underestimated.

October 2020 | Guide

PAM Group’s multidisciplinary team provide their expertise and guidance on supporting your people. Find out what you can do to support the physical and mental health of your workforce.

Occupational health company provider services UK wellbeing counselling EAP 

World Mental Health Day:
Five ways to boost resilience

October 2020 | Blog

As we approach darker days and a second coronavirus wave, now is
the time to help people take stock of their mental health and build resilience.

Free Workshop:
Practising Resilience & Self-Care

October 2020 | Events

Learn how to boost your own resilience and improve your ability to practise self-care, to reduce stress an anxiety levels, with our free online workshop. 10am – 10.45am on 3 November 2020.

Further thought leadership by our OH colleagues in the iOH magazine

September 2020 | Press

PAM Group’s Janet O’Neill talks to the iOH magazine about what makes a good OH report and David Stevens talks to iOH about how we should help persistent pain sufferers.

3 ways to help your people feel less anxious

August 2020 | Blogs

A third of people across the UK are now suffering from high anxiety levels with ‘health anxiety’ - fear of becoming sick - now a distressing and constant preoccupation for many. Here are three ways to tackle this growing mental health issue.

How to support employees
with increasing health anxiety

August 2020 | Press

With clinical levels of health anxiety on the rise, employers need to consider how best to support those who are scared of getting sick. 

Read our HR Magazine column to find out how.

Free Guide: Restoring Mental Health

July 2020 | Guides

The coronavirus hasn’t just been a physical health crisis, it’s also triggered a mental health crisis. Find out how employees have been most affected and what you can do to restore the mental health of your workforce.

Press: Employers must act

to restore mental wellbeing

July 2020 | Press

PAM Wellbeing’s Louise Abbs talks to the CIPD’s People Management magazine about how to mitigate the psychological health crisis caused 

by the coronavirus pandemic.

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