PAM Wellbeing’s mediators provide an impartial view to assist in dispute resolutions. They are experts at managing difficult discussions, and are able to assist with identifying what other help and information is required to make informed decisions and find a solution to the disputes that are fair to all parties. Services include, one to one and group mediation and investigations and conflict management.  All PAM Wellbeing mediators have significant counselling qualifications and experience as well as relevant mediation training and experience.


If a conflict issue exists, mediation can be very

successful – particularly when offered at an early

enough opportunity, ie, before relationships

deteriorate too far. Mediation can be extremely

helpful in that it creates an opportunity for people

to vocalise their feelings very clearly whilst also

acknowledging that the perception of the other

person/people may be quite different to their own. 


Throughout all on-site support, individuals are reminded of the availability of the PAM 24/7 helpline so that if they would benefit from additional support on a self-referral basis, they know they simply have to pick up the phone and ask.


PAM Wellbeing believes that by encouraging open and honest conversations, in a trusting and supportive space, can remove conflict, improve relationships and develop a positive working culture.

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