About PAM Life


As part of our purpose to help people in work live more balanced, healthier and happier lives, PAM has launched an interactive online health and wellbeing solution designed to increase workforce wellbeing.


Described as an innovative new service within the occupational health industry, the digital platform, called PAM Life, will allow the user to build an accurate profile of their health and wellness status via mobile health kiosks and the completion of detailed online assessments. There will also be the ability to track data from wearable devices or by manual input; set personal goals, from weight loss targets to leaving the office by a certain time; participate in team challenges; and interact with colleagues by messaging via the app or liking each other’s progress updates, for example.


PAM Life is an innovative new digital health and wellbeing service designed specifically to support employers to improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce, with integrated mobile kiosks for quick and easy tracking of physical measurements including blood pressure and body fat composition.

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Through PAM Life, the user will have access to a wealth of health information. Content recommendations are made to you based on your health profile and needs. There is also a team of fully qualified wellness coaches available via the website, with each specialisied in areas such as mental health and nutrition, and they are on hand to offer advice and help you create tailored health plans based around individual health needs and goals.


PAM Life complements the group’s other services which have an increasing emphasis on health and wellness initiatives in the workplace.


PAM Life also provides its members with a range of offers with fitness partners giving access to clubs, programs and group fitness classes, as well as recognising successes and goal achievements with rewards.