PAM Resilience Programme uses a combination of 1-2-1 appointments with a PAM Wellness Expert and home learning exercises using advanced online biofeedback technology to empower you with effective techniques and solutions to combat stress in real time, build resilience and boost both mental and physical performance.

You will work alongside a PAM Wellness Expert at your local PAM Clinic or via secure video consultation over a 12 week period (optional to extend) and gain access to Health Manager (PAM online and mobile health and wellbeing platform) for ongoing support and resources.

What do people say who have been on the PAM Resilience Programme?

 “I'm now more aware of how I’m feeling during stressful times at work, so I am able to take better control of situations”

“Techniques learnt have helped me cope with stressors of modern working and also helped with my private life”

 “It has given me some tools to share with my team when they are showing signs of lowered resilience”

 “I would highly recommend this training as found it very helpful in being more mindful”

 “It has also helped me to develop a more positive and resilient approach to daily life”

 “I have found this extremely simple and useful in both my professional and personal life”

Resilience Programme