Restoring Mental Health


How to reduce the prevalence of mental health issues linked to the coronavirus.

The coronavirus hasn’t just been a physical health crisis, it’s also triggered a mental health crisis. Many people have felt anxious and socially isolated since the lockdown, working parents struggled with the pressure of home schooling and those exposed to the scale of death, or who had to fight for their lives in hospital, are now at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


The number of women seeking help for domestic abuse increased by 50% and divorces are set to soar, with the strain of living in close proximity causing many relationships to fail. Many people have been forced to live with the anxiety of being put on furlough or at risk of redundancy, putting older males in particular at increased risk of suicide.

Data released by mental health charity Mind highlights the devastating impact of the coronavirus on mental health: one in five people (22%) who had no previous experience of mental health issues say their mental health is ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ and two-thirds of people (65%) who had an existing condition say it has become worse during the crisis.


Fortunately, we humans are resilient creatures. There are proven tactics we can use to boost our ability to cope and employers now have a valuable role to play in helping people to acquire these skills and directing those most affected towards appropriate support.


Our free guide to restoring mental health sets out some of the ways you can go about this and the benefits of supporting individuals at this difficult time.

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