Exercise and posture play a huge role in the resolution and prevention of injuries and conditions that require physiotherapy. PAM Wellbeing has established an unrivalled library of exercise and advice files to help return your function and fitness and maximal activity levels. Our Information Zone contains over 5000 exercise files designed to help repair and strengthen each and every part of your body. In addition, the Info Zone allows access to thousands of advice files to educate you on correct lifting and posture techniques and help you avoid a recurrence of your injury.

The system allows PAM Wellbeing Physiotherapists to tailor and personalise exercise and self-management programmes that are relevant to you and your condition. Every patient receives their own unique username and password to enable them to access their personal treatment and exercise plan. Each programme is delivered as a full colour video file or pdf to ensure you get a better understanding of how to perform each of the exercises and follow the advice.