Structured Professional Support

Structured Professional Support (SPS) is designed to support people in roles where they are exposed to potentially traumatic and distressing detail and situations as a consequence of the requirements of the roles and the people they deal with.

It has been recognised that an appropriate level of professional and emotional support to deal with the complex, often difficult, nature of caseloads, and demands of various operational roles, is beneficial to the wellbeing and continued resilience of staff.


SPS provides a confidential session which helps the employee to reflect on:

  • Wellness, fatigue and burn out

  • Pressures of work and working with a range of complex and challenging tasks and/or content;

  • What qualities and strengths the employees has and uses;

  • Impact of work on life and life on work

  • What strategies are used to improve and maintain resilience

It helps the individual to:

  • Recognise and validate the impact of the work

  • Have insight into the triggers which evoke difficult emotional responses

  • Identify strategies to manage these triggers

  • Identify factors in work which have potential to deplete resilience

  • Recognise importance of building resilience

  • Consider and develop strategies to build resilience

  • Be aware or access further support

Whilst this is not a counselling appointment, counsellors and psychotherapists use their skills to create a safe and confidential space to facilitate the work above and accommodate any emotional discharge.

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