Training and Psychological First Aid

PAM Wellbeing offers a suite of training modules for managers and senior leaders that help develop soft skills necessary for todays dynamic workplace.  Separate modules are available for employees helping them to understand mental health, resilience, and self-care.  All training is delivered by clinicians specialising in the specific subject matter.




Training for Managers

Managers play a key role in the overall wellbeing and productivity of their teams.  Here are just some of the training modules available.

  • Building Resilience in the Workplace

  • Managing Change

  • Managing Workplace Conflict

  • Having Difficult Conversations

  • Bullying and Harassment

  • Mental Health Management

  • Responding to Critical Incidents

Training can be delivered face to face in the workplace or as a live broadcast.  They can be tailored to the outcomes you are looking achieve and the time allowed.

Training for Employees

Designed to educate, inform and support employees in specific health and wellbeing areas. Popular areas include:

  • Mindfulness and Building Resilience

  • Having Quality Conversations

  • Staying Motivated at Work

  • Managing Anger, Burnout and Worry

  • Physical Activity at Work

  • Better Backs and Men’s/Women’s Health

  • Handling Distressed Customers

Psychological First Aid

Caring for your employees is not optional it makes great business sense. With increasing demands to do more, providing ‘Psychological First Aid’ training to help the mental health and wellbeing of your employees is the best way forward.

‘Psychological First Aid Training’ does not mean that your employees become a doctor or a specialist in mental health. It is about having the basic skills and resources that allow people to support others who are struggling and to be able to recognise the signs and sign post them for help and support before mental health issues get out of control.

PAM Wellbeing provide a unique ‘Psychological First Aider’ training and mental health strategy, employing over 100 trained mental health clinicians throughout the UK.

PAM Wellbeing provide Psychological First Aid training via our:

• Public courses regionally throughout the UK

• In house course dedicated to a single employer

For more information, please contact us.

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