Work with a PAM Wellness Expert to build a long term, sustainable weight management plan bespoke to you and your lifestyle.

Visit a local PAM Clinic, or via secure video consultation, to take part in 1-2-1 coaching sessions and group support calls to motivate you towards your weight goals. You will learn effective strategies that empower you to make controlling your weight as simple as possible, ending any cycle of weight loss and regain and overcoming challenges you might have faced for years.

What can you expect from the PAM Weight Management Programme?

  • Initial consultation to meet your PAM Wellness Expert including discussion of your weight history, agreeing goals and introduce you to home exercises to complete during the programme

  • Structured 12 week plan including 3 further consultations to review progress and motivate you towards a sustainable long term weight management strategy

  • 2 consultations at month 6 and 9 to discuss and review progress

  • Tailored eating, activity and lifestyle guidance and plan without counting calories, fad approaches and yo-yoing

  • Simple recipes and meal swaps that are based on foods you enjoy to eat

  • Use of PAM Health Manager to track your goals, record progress and access further weight management resources

  • Join PAM Weight Management Community on PAM Health Manager to support you and share progress

What we expect from you:

  • Commitment to your plan

  • Completion of additional exercises outside of your consultations

  • Openness to discuss any challenges you’ve previously encountered or currently facing

  • A readiness to manage your weight in a healthy and simple way for the future

Weight Management Programme