PAM Wellness Programme is a series of coach led 1-2-1 appointments to guide, motivate and support you towards their health and wellbeing goals and manage any existing lifestyle based health conditions. Overcome challenges and

get in the best shape of your life, and maintain that for the future without sacrifices, depriving yourself or having

the need to find more time.

You will work alongside a PAM Wellness Expert at your local PAM Clinic or via secure video consultation over a 12 week period (optional to extend) to initially review your answers to PAM comprehensive lifestyle assessment questionnaire, establish your wellbeing goals and devise your personal action plan.

  • A personal exercise plan

  • Guidance on finding a diet that works best for you

  • Improve sleep, manage stress and increase energy

  • Flexibility to prevent life’s challenges preventing you from achieving what you want

You will then receive ongoing coaching support from your dedicated PAM Wellness Expert before having a final coaching session to guide you to a sustainable plan for the future.

Also benefit from a rotating group support system and Health Manager, both of which are included as part of the programme. Health Manager can also be accessed for up to 12 months after your initial assessment.

Wellness Programme