Psychological Therapy

What We Do

We are psychotherapists. This means that as therapists we are interested in listening to you and trying to help you understand how past experiences, often from childhood, affect your life today and the way you view yourself.

Together with the therapist you can think in a different way about your past, present and future. The therapist doesn’t tell you what to do, be directive or give advice, but in the forming of the relationship with the therapist, you will find it helps you to make your own choices.

There is no particular point in life when people turn towards therapy, but it is often when confronted by

some sense of not being able to move forward, or change. Significant events such as bereavement and

loss, relationship difficulties, questioning who one is or feeling unable to get over past events are

common reasons for seeking a therapist. Depression and anxiety are often present and very hard to get

over alone.